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Portions of Redland Road Closed

Portions of Redland Road in Elmore County had to be closed due to heavy rains. County officials say the road is closed between Highway 231 and Rifle Range Road until further notice. Drivers can use Jasmine Hill Road to Willow… continue reading ›

ADL Report on KKK Activity

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is out with a report this morning that finds three KKK groups are active in Alabama...and  that there has been a slight increase in Klan activity in the past year, despite turmoil within many groups: "Rumors… continue reading ›

City Addresses Flooding Concerns

It's a nightmare no one wants to live through, yet Joey King says it happens every time there is a big rain event. His yard and guest house get full of water. King attended the Montgomery city council meeting Tuesday… continue reading ›

Cloverdale Flooding Issues

Some Cloverdale residents are still cleaning up after the weekend storm. Heavy rain and drains not working properly caused much of the water to back up on Rose Lane. Joey King's yard was… continue reading ›

Wetumpka Man Killed in Elmore County Crash

State troopers say a Wetumpka man was killed in a crash on U.S. Highway 231 about five miles north of Wetumpka early this morning. Investigators say 45-year-old Charles Daniel Johnston was killed when his car hit another car before leaving the roadway at… continue reading ›

Man Shot, Killed on E. South Blvd. in Montgomery

Montgomery police say they're conducting a homicide investigation following a shooting in the 500 block of E. South Blvd. This morning at about 12:35 a.m., police and fire medics say they found a man dead of a gunshot wound at the scene. Police say the circumstances… continue reading ›

Flash Flooding in Parts of Montgomery

A slow-moving section of rain left parts of Montgomery flooded this morning. The flash flooding was concentrated mainly in an area of Cloverdale and extended northward toward Prattville. These images are from Cloverdale, where the water was a few inches… continue reading ›

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