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Steve McQueen to Direct Tupac Documentary

Academy Award-winner Steve McQueen is set to direct a documentary about Tupac Shakur. Shakur Estate trustee Tom Whalley and Amaru Entertainment said Tuesday that the film is fully sanctioned by the late hip-hop artist's estate. McQueen is best known for… continue reading ›

The Truth Behind Fake News The term fake news has gained popularity in the past year.  It's often the focus of political speeches, late-late night talk shows and now legislation in a few states. It's also a topic of discussion in journalism classes at… continue reading ›

EXTRA: Autism in Alabama

Autism. It is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders. And it affects one in 68 children in the U.S. It can cost an average family 60 thousand dollars a year. Yet, Alabama is one… continue reading ›

EXTRA: Saving the Ben Moore Hotel

 Just a few blocks from downtown Montgomery, you'll find a a building that might look abandoned on the outside. It sits right across from the parsonage of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, which is now an often visited museum. And much… continue reading ›

New Technology Helps Secure Homes

New security camera technology is giving homeowners even more ways to protect their homes.  Law enforcement officials say this technology can be very helpful in fighting crime, but that not just any setup is going to get the job done.… continue reading ›

Extra: Prisons In Peril

This year alone we've seen a big increase in violence across the Alabama prison system. Video was taken by inmates in March and posted to YouTube from inside Holman Prison in Atmore. A correctional… continue reading ›

EXTRA: Police Speak Out

West Alabama reporter George McDonald has this Alabama News Network Extra. The recent police shootings of unarmed blacks have had a far-reaching impact all over the country. Some local police are talking… continue reading ›

Extra: Church Security

For many, it's a sacred place where you feel safe and secure to worship God. Unfortunately, it's not immune to the forces of evil. And it's happening more and more frequently in… continue reading ›

EXTRA: Help Wanted, Teachers

From the West Alabama Newsroom-- It's an ongoing issue in education that's affecting schools and communities throughout the state. School districts are dealing with an ongoing teacher shortage. Students across the state… continue reading ›

EXTRA: Stopping Teen Violence

While students are on summer break, some are staying productive, but others are finding their way into trouble.  Authorities say juvenile crime spikes during the summer months. It's an issue that's caught the attention of advocates… continue reading ›

EXTRA: "A Reel Deal"

Just off Interstate 65, about 20 miles south of Montgomery. There is a slice of paradise. The winding drive with trees and Spanish moss draped overhead pulls you into the Ray Scott Legacy Lakes where the… continue reading ›

EXTRA: Meeting Special Needs

The Montgomery Public School District is under fire from parents. Is the school system giving special needs students the proper resources to thrive? Some parents don't think so, and we put their questions to school… continue reading ›

EXTRA: Road to Nowhere

There was a lot of excitement when the governor joined local officials to open the first phase of Montgomery's outer loop project, but now the road only takes you out to Vaughn… continue reading ›

EXTRA: "Yellowhammer"

Governor Bentley's alleged affair and possible misuse of state resources has filled the headlines over the last few weeks. One website's been breaking story after story. Who's behind Yellowhammer News? You've probably heard and seen… continue reading ›

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