Beware of Bootleg Alabama National Championship Gear


By Katy Sulhoff

Alabama BCS National Championship gear is flying off the shelves, but just because it says Alabama, doesn't necessarily mean it's genuine.


Beware of bootleg fan apparel -- people printing non-licensed gear and capitalizing on this opportunity to make a quick buck.

What to look for? All licensed merchandise will have a "Collegiate Licensing Company" sticker or tag.

Bama Fever, Tiger Pride in Eastdale Mall sells only licensed gear and does screening printing locally in Montgomery.

Companies pay $5,000 just to have the rights to make the merchandise, then a percentage of each item sold is divided between the CLC and the University for scholarships.

Agents from the licensing company will work with undercover police looking for people making and selling unlicensed University of Alabama merchandise after the team's national championship win.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


"Both the University and the CLC have to make sure you're using a quality fabric shirt. All of the design shave to be submitted to the University and CLC as well. They review each design and then send you information as to whether the design is approved or not," said Keith Tomlinson, President of Bama Fever, Tiger Pride.

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