Covington Co. Kicks Off Miracle League


By Catalina Trivino



Parents often dream about sharing sports with their children, but with a special needs child, that dream often fades -- but that wasn't the case in Covington County.

Ashley Stacy is five years old and has Down-Syndrome. For the first time, Ashley and more than 20 other children, many using wheelchairs and walkers, made their way onto Johnson Park's new Miracle Field in Andalusia to play baseball.

Ashley's father, Tony, describes the feeling as he watches his daughter and other children play on the ballfield.

"That's our life. You know, we love her, love her, love her and the baseball... when you see her and all the other kids playing, oh, it's great. And they have got a smile on their face, [thinking] 'oh I have done something.'" Said Stacy,


Schools in Covington County are testing the field during "Special Adventures" Field Day -- many of these children are Miracle League players themselves -- making miracles happen one hit at a time.

The field is wheelchair accessible and each child has a buddy, who works with them. There's a playground next to the field that's wheelchair accessible, as well.

"The kids go out there, they have fun, they maneuver the best they can and, you know, it's just a great, fun time!" Said Project Coordinator for the Covington County Miracle League, Barbara Tyler.It's not too late to sign up for the Miracle League... The program is open to all ages... Just call 222-2714.

About $560,000 has been raised for the field and playground. The Covington County Miracle League Foundation needs about $25,000 more to finish paying for the playground, so if you'd like to donate, just visit

It's also not too late to sign up for the Miracle League. The program is open to all ages. To sign up call 222-2714



Covington County has just started a Miracle League, giving some special children a chance to shine at sports.

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