Ford Unveils Plan For Tuskegee


By Molly Clifton

Mayor Johnny Ford held his first public press conference today to outline the issues that he plans to address his new administration.

The issues are as follows: 

1. Retiring the City's 3.9 million dollar IRS indebtedness.

2. The fight for our constitutional right to restore the gaming industry in Macon County, which will lead to jobs, new revenue and lower utilities.

3. The fight against crime to take our city back from the criminals.

4. The Utilities Board Franchise Agreement, and the fight to lower utility rates.

5. Gasoline Tax Bond refinancing to generate $300,000 to repair our city streets.

6. Commercial development of the I 85 Corridor.

7. To set a municipal election to let the citizens determine the future form of Tuskegee city government (a City Manager or a Mayor Council form of government).

8. Full time recreation for the city, and development of Lake Tuskegee and city parks.

9. Police Department relocation.

10. Downtown redevelopment.

11. Neighborhood community development (Clean up of vacate lots and dilapidated empty houses).

12. Relationship with Tuskegee University.

13. Need for one cent sales tax for additional street work.

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