Macon County Closing Offices on Mondays


By Alabama News Network

Residents in Macon County will have fewer days each week to get new car tags or visit the clerk's office. 

The county commission has voted to shift to a four day work week to try to cut costs. 

The  goal is to try to save the county money, but residents think there are other options.

Stanley Maxwell has lived in Tuskegee his entire life. He understands the county's decision, but wishes things were different.

"The impact on the citizens is just like the impact the state is having on the county. If we had those 2,000 jobs at Victoryland today and had the tax money they paid every year we wouldn't be in quite the dire straights we're in now," said Maxwell.

"If they'd open victoryland back up and create the jobs again the county would be in much better shape," said Betty Carr, another resident. 

The commission has decided that county run buildings will be shut down Mondays unless the office wants to pay its own operating costs. 

The silver lining is that the offices will be open 10 hours each day, giving residents time to stop in before and after work. So what services will be impacted?

"Well for example you may not be able to go and pay your taxes, get your tag on that day. You may not be able to go and have a conference with the extension service that day," said Louis Maxwell, Macon County Commission Chairman.

Maxwell wanted to make it clear that the county is still working hard for residents. 

"But the bottom line is that the quality and type of service that the citizens need, we're going to do everything we can to make it available," the chairman continued. 

He Says that employee's salaries will not be affected but that would be the next step. 

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