Montgomery's Most Dangerous Intersections


By Katy Sulhoff

Montgomery Police have identified certain intersections as the most dangerous in town.

1. Every intersection on Arba Street. (12 accidents occurred in intersections on that street in 2011, including one fatal.)

2. South Street intersections.

3. Atlanta Highway at Perry Hill, the Boulevard, and Bell Road.

MPD said most intersection accidents are the direct result of drivers running red lights, putting themselves and other drivers at risk.

Accident Investigation Supervisor Sgt. B.J. Champlin played video caught on red light cameras of an accident at Vaughn and Bell Road for CBS 8 News.

"This driver, the first driver that was hit -- was in a full size car, airbag deployment, all the safety features you could ask for in a modern car. However it did not prevent her from suffering a broken collar bone. She had displaced if not cracked vertebrae. She had a broken arm," said

MPD said red light cameras have helped deter the frequency of accidents since they were installed three years ago.

The City is looking at new locations to install the cameras.

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