Most Lawmakers Turn Down Automatic Pay Raise


By Katy Sulhoff

Most Alabama legislators have turned down automatic pay raises this year.

Lawmakers stand to receive about a $1,600 pay increase based on the Consumer Price Index.

Legislators had to notify the accounting offices by Tuesday if they would accept the increase or not.

In the House, 41 accepted it and 64 said no.

In the Senate, eight accepted the pay raise, while 27 did not.

Legislative pay raises have become a hot button issue since 2007 when lawmakers voted to more than double their salaries.

"I've refused every pay increase since I came into office. I actually refused the 2007 pay raise. So I continue to be paid at the 1991 rate," said Prattville Sen. Bryan Taylor.

Sen. Linda Coleman, who drives from Pratt City and stays in a hotel during session, said her constituents encouraged her to accept the increase.

"I know people think this is just a part time job. There's nothing part time about it. And even when we are out of session, we are back and forth to Montgomery for different meetings," she said.

In the past, some lawmakers accepted the pay increases and then donated the money to local charities or schools.

Find a complete list of legislators who accepted or did not accept the pay raise: (.pdf files)
Alabama House of Representatives
Alabama Senate

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