Rising Gas Prices: Calculate Your Trip


By Katy Sulhoff

The rising cost of gasoline is cause for concern as the price of oil hits $105.

The current local average of unleaded is $3.46 a gallon while the national average hovers at $3.56.

The spring and summer travel season is approaching. Many people are having to make a choice between filling up or putting a cap on travel.

"We [were] planning on taking the kids, especially my son because it's his birthday to Walt Disney World. So we're thinking about that and now with the gas prices, we don't know if we're going to drive, or we're going to fly or what we're going to do now," said Courtney Brown.

"Like on a day like this I would normally fill it up all the way, but because of the price I only fill it up halfway," said Jay Kim.

"Gas prices are too high right now," Kiesha Jones said.

Gas prices have already reached $4.00 in some areas. The last time they were that high was in 2008 -- the year of the economic downturn.

How much will your trip cost? Use these fuel cost calculators to figure it out.



AAA Fuel Cost Calculator


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