Street Closings for Christmas Parade


By Molly Clifton

·     The following streets will be closed for the preparation of the Christmas Parade which is set for Friday, 12/07/2012 at 1800 hours.



The following streets will be closed Thursday 12/06/2012at


·       Bainbridge St. from Monroe to Washington Ave.

·       Dexter Ave .from Bainbridge St. to Decatur Street



The following streets will be closed Friday 12/07/2012at


    Madison at Ripley
    Madison at Jackson
    Madison at Hilliard
    Ripley at Monroe
    Hilliard at Pelham
    Washington at Jackson
    Washington at Ripley
    Washington at Union St
    Monroe at Hilliard Street      
    Union at Monroe
    Jackson at Monroe
    Madison at Bainbridge



The following streets will be closed Friday 12/07/2012at 5:30 pm



·       Decatur at Monroe

·       Decatur at Washington

·       Hull at Monroe

·       Hull at Washington Ave

·       Washington at McDonough

·       McDonough at Monroe

·       Lawrence at Monroe

·       Lawrence at Washington

·       Washington at Perry

·       Lee at Church

·       Montgomery at Commerce

·       Bibb at Commerce

·       Bibb at Lee

·       First Alabama Plaza at Coosa Street



The no parking signs will go out tonight on all meters, reserved parking, and loading zones along the following streets no later than  

 10:00 pm.


·       Monroe Street from Hilliard to Bainbridge Street.

·       Dexter Avenue from  Decatur Street to Montgomery Street.

·       First Alabama Plaza from Coosa Street to the fountain.

·       Monroe Street from Perry Street to Madison Ave

·       Lee Street from Bibb Street to Church Street.

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