Troy's W.O.D. for Water Aims to Build Four New Wells in Africa, India


By Brittany Bivins

More than a billion people around the world don't have access to clean drinking water, according to the World Health Organization. Now some people in Pike County are teaming up to make a difference.

The first annual Workout Day for Water will happen in Troy on Saturday, October 13. Participants will go through a 20-minute workout, using water containers which villagers in Africa and India carry to wells on a daily basis. Many of these wells are several miles away from the villages, and many do not contain fresh, clean water.

The $40 fee will go to help NeverThirst, a Birmingham-based organization which builds new deep, clean-water wells in these areas. Jason Jones, co-chairman of the Troy event, says he hopes to raise $10,000. That money could build four wells in total, two in Africa and two in India.

"It's sad, when you look at what they go through every day, and again, to see how we abuse having clean water, it's shocking, and to know that they don't have that option, and to know that they don't have that option, and we're going to bring that option to them," he said.

Early registration will last through October 1st, which includes a T-shirt. There are discounts for couples and college students. To sign up or find out more information, click here.


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