Volunteer Firefighters Short on Funding as Tax Fails to Make Ballot


By Brittany Bivins

Alabamians will cast their ballots in just a few days, but it's what they won't be voting on that's upsetting some people in Pike County.

Voters will not have the option to vote on a 2-mill property tax that could have provided up to $20,000 for each of the 9 volunteer fire departments in the county. The County Commission passed the resolution, but it failed in the state legislature. Now volunteer firefighters say not getting that money makes a big difference in their bottom line.

"There will be no improvements, you know, what you've got now is what you're going to get, and it might get a little worse with the wear on the equipment and things like this, and you may not have the money to repair a piece of equipment. It will not get any better than it is now. It can only get worse," said Ray Armstrong, Chief of the Spring Hill Fire Department. 

The chiefs of local volunteer fire departments say they'll continue to hold fund raisers for extra money. The Spring Hill Fire Department will have its annual barbecue sale on November 3rd at the fire station off Highway 87.

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