$10,000 In Electronics Stolen From Andalusia Walmart


By Amanda Wade

Thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was stolen from the Walmart in Andalusia and the crime was caught on surveillance video.

More than $10,000 in electronic devices were stolen from the Walmart and investigators say, this could be part of a string of shoplifting cases.

There are four people police want to catch. Investigator, Jason Curry of the Andalusia Police Department, says they also stole nearly $2,000 worth of electronics from another Walmart, “ [It's] A possible ring of shoplifters. This group also went into a Florida, in Pensacola, just a few hours before this incident, and done the same thing there.”

Curry says one of the thieves slid behind the cashier counter in the electronics department, broke into one of the cases with a screwdriver, and passed the merchandise over the counter to the other suspects.

Video shows that there were some items that were stuck in totes bags, purses, and the two males concealed some of the items under their shirts in their belt lines,” says Curry.

Authorities say the four thieves entered the store and left with the merchandised in a span of no more than 20 minutes. Walmart customers were shocked when they heard that $10,000 in electronics were walked out of the store.

Deneshia Mency, a Walmart shopper, says, “That's crazy! I mean like how would you get away with stealing $10,000? Like that's a lot of merchandise to be stealing from Walmart, I mean you would think with them having all these cameras they would have got caught.”

Randall Williams, another Walmart shopper, was also shocked, “Even in big spenders world that's a lot of money.”

Police describe the thieves as two men and two women all of medium build. They are believed to be driving a gray, 4-door SUV, but the make and model of the vehicle have not been determined.

If you have any information on this case you are asked to call the Andalusia Police Department at 222-1155.

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