20 Arrests Made In Butler Co. Drug Raids


By Catalina Trivino

Twenty people are behind bars following a mass early morning drug raid in Butler County.

This is exclusive video you'll only see on Alabama News Network. The 20 people were arrested on charges of drug distribution, possession and paraphanalia charges.

Investigators say they were selling prescription pills, marijuana and crack cocaine. Authorities also seized cars and weapons. The Butler County District Attorney's Office says the raids were part of a six month undercover operation. Most of those arrests were made within the Greenville city limits.

"We have confidential informants that are often times wired and they go in and buy dope or buy pills, marijuana anything like that. And they come back and give that information or that substance to the Drug Task Force."


Several law enforcement agencies including the 2nd Judicial drug task force, the Greenville Police Department and Butler County Sheriff's Office assisted with the raids.

Later, we'll take you to some of the homes that were raided. That's all coming up on Alabama News Network at 5 on CBS 8.

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