Insurance Costs Rising For Some Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Alabama Customers


By Amanda Wade

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama recently send a letter to 4% of its customers stating that their current plans do not meet the requirements under the new healthcare law.  Some people say they are worried about insurance costs.

Greenville business owner, Chad McGriff, says he is outraged that he received a letter saying his insurance premium will nearly double to get a plan comparable to the one he currently has with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. He says he is concerned he may have to lay off employees due to the added costs.
"Because my health care has doubled for me and my family, and some of my employees, then of course I've got to raise the price of the goods to the retail customer," says McGriff, owner of Cahaba Interiors. 
Judy Thompson, a Pharmacy Technician at the Medicine Shoppe in Greenville, says she received the same letter for her personal plan, "I was angry, because we pay enough for insurance, and if you're not getting any more benefits, why the increase in price?"
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama said in a statement that the rising costs and new plans are due to the Law's requirements.  And they say many families may qualify for premium tax credits.  
Several businesses in the Downtown Greenville area said they do not have enough employees to be affected by the new laws.  
The letter Chad McGriff received from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama also stated that he could receive a fine from the federal government if he did not have an insurance plan. 

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