Saturday, December 20, 2014

Andalusia Prepares For Babe Ruth World Series
By Catalina Trivino

Covington County is getting ready for its Babe Ruth World Series -- and that means baseball teams from across the country will be in Andalusia. City officials expect to see a big financial boost.

The city of Andalusia will be louder and larger in the coming days as more than 100 baseball players, their families and fans come to eat, sleep and play in Andalusia.

Ten teams from across the country will soon take on this field, the Crum Foshee Field at Lurleen B. Wallace Community College -- but not until the final touches are done for the Babe Ruth World Series.

The banners still need to be hung; the concession stands need to be filled; and of course -- getting the fields ready for bat.

Manuel Owens, president of the Covington County Babe Ruth World Series, says they've been preparing to receive about 150 players.

"The biggest thing we've had to do is get host families for all of these players because you're talking close to one hundred homes that's keeping these kids. And it takes special people to invite strangers to live in their house for a week," Said Owens.

But while the players are staying at host homes...

"I would say probably 70 percent of the parents will come in with them, but it's a long haul when you go through state and region and you've already spent a lot of money on food and hotel bills," Said tournament director, Bob Dixon.

Yet,it's still money they'll be spending in Andalusia. Days Inn front desk clerk, Darlene Linville says more than half of the 43 rooms have been booked. And she's expecting a rush within the next two days.

"These are some of the reservations that I've already started and the keys I know that we have a lot of rooms that are going to be coming in," Said Linville as she showed us stacks of reservations. "So, I didn't know whether they would be one by one or they would all be at one time so I pretty much got everything ready all they have to do is sign and get their key!" 

Thanks to donations from the Covington County community, they've been able to invest $45,000 in this world series.

Back in 2007, the county hosted its first Babe Ruth World Series. You can catch the first game on Thursday morning at 9:30 at Andalusia's LBW Community College.