Anti-Bullying Campaign In Butler Co.


By Catalina Trivino

Thousands of teens across the country report being victims of bullying and one group has made it their goal to try to prevent those numbers from going up -- and today they stopped in Butler County.

Country singer Matt Kennon and Troy McClain, a star of the reality show the "Apprentice," stopped in Butler County on Monday to teach teens not to be the bystander when bullying takes place.

They used music to tie in with the facts in hope of getting these Georgiana School teens to listen.

"We're going from school to school, community to community, sharing my own personal story of going from poverty to profit. And sharing my own personal message of how I had somebody step in and save not just my life, but other people's life," Said McClain.

"We're actually showing them that anything to do with bullying is uncool. We want to be able to connect with these kids and I think Troy does a good job with that," Said Kennon. "Then we give them the music -- they feel good about it, they can listen to the music and reference [the song], 'You Had To Pick On Me,' addressive bullying."

Butler County Superintendent, Darren Douthit, personally deals with bullying victims' phone calls across the county. Although the problem is minor in the area, he says he hopes this program hits home for kids to reduce bullying.

"The most important thing for all of our kids is to be comfortable in the environment at our schools," Said Douthit. "And as much as we can send that message, the better off we are going to be."

So far the group has visted 51 school across the country in the last 10 months. They say their goal is to hit the rest of the state.

Kennon and McClain will continue their tour through Butler County on Tuesday.

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