Authorities Tight-Lipped On Mystery Investigation


By Catalina Trivino

Multiple Covington County law enforecement agencies were on the scene Wednesday afternoon of an unsolved murder case that happened 19 years ago -- and whether it's related to the murder is still a mystery.

It's a 1994 murder case that was never closed -- but when Alabama News Network asked Covington County Sheriff, Dennis Meeks, if the case is being investigated again he told us "just take a look at what's going on," referring to the scene.

Agencies from across Covington County taping this scene, which used to be Barton's Grocery Store nearly 20 years ago.

Authorities say it's where 65-year old store owner, James "Nibby" Barton, was murdered May of 1994. They're not confirming whether the investigation is related to the case.

"Well, at this time, we're just constantly following leads that we have and what we're doing right now at this point in time we really cannot make any comments on," Said Meeks.

Investigators spent about three hours on the scene, located near the Heath community.

Officers entered the store and were seen moving items around. They were also seen carrying a box inside, but authorites are not disclosing why they were on scene... or whether the Barton cold case is heating up.

"We're hoping, you know, in the near future, maybe we can speak a little more to what's going on," Said Meeks.

Alabama News Network reached out to the District Attorney's Office to get a confirmation on what exactly was being investigated. They chose not to comment.

Last month, the Covington County D.A.'s Office created a "Cold Case" Task Force, where they were conducting an active, but undisclosed investigation. No confirmation has been made on whether the investigators were part of the force.

Alabama News Network will keep you updated with the latest as it becomes available.


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