Friday, December 19, 2014

Bank Robbers Caught On Video
By Catalina Trivino

We have new information on a Greenville bank robbery, as police and the FBI search for two suspects -- and we have surveilence video you'll only see here on Alabama News Network...



They tell us they're searching for two black males between 5'6" and 5'8" tall. They were both wearing blue jeans and a black mask. One was in a black hoody and the other was wearing a tan jacket.



If you have any information, you're asked to call the Greenville Police Department at 334-382-7461.


Investigators tell us this was the first time in about ten years that any bank in Greenville had been robbed -- and we're about to show you what bank tellers and witnesses experienced when the two robbers walked through the doors at Bankcorp South.

This was the scene at Bancorp South Bank in Greenville Thursday. Investigators say two men -- one of them holding a pistol -- directed bank tellers to put their hands up, then told everyone else to lay on the ground.

You see one suspect jump behind the counter emptying all the money from the cash drawer himself. Police say the suspects were in and out in 4 minutes and 37 seconds.

That's when the suspects hopped into this white Ford that police say, was stolen a few days earlier in Daphne.

Investigators say a red dye-pack, which was wrapped around a wad of cash and used for security purposes, then exploded in the truck.

"The primary benefit of the dye-pack is just that it paints everything red in the general vicinity where it goes off, so the suspects should have that dye on them at the time of the robbery which is very difficult to wash off," Said Greenville Investigator, Justin Lovvorn.

While investigators believe the suspects fled into another vehicle (a dark grey sedan), they say the dye-pack left a significant amount of evidence, including DNA -- leaving them with a suspect, whose name police aren't releasing.


"Primarily DNA evidence, some fingerprint evidence and other items that we've collected that we think we'll be able to use in identifying the suspect, as well," Said Lovvorn.

Alabama News Network reached out to the bank, and while they chose not to be on camera, they did say they were glad nobody was hurt during this robbery.

Investigators have submitted DNA evidence to the lab. They also have a description on the suspects: