Sunday, December 21, 2014

Brantley School Placed On Partial Lock-Down After Armed Robbery, Police Searching For Robber
By Catalina Trivino

From Crenshaw County -- a school is placed on semi-lockdown today after an armed robbery...

Brantley School was placed on partial lockdown followed by that armed robbery and parents flooded the school with calls to find out if their child was safe. CBS 8 spoke to the victim who tells us it's an incident he'll never forget...

Brad Burgans was having his usual day -- delivering sodas to Brantley School until a gun was held against him.

"My heart dropped out of my chest. I mean, nervous, I mean, I thought I was going to die, really. I told him 'don't shoot me, I've got two little girls,' you know. He said he would not shoot me as long as I did what he asked," Said Burgans.

It all started around 6:45 Tuesday morning -- that's when Brantley Police and Crenshaw County Sheriff's Deputies responded to his call. The beverage delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint while refilling the school's soda machines.

Police describe the suspect as a 6 ft. black male in his mid to late thirties wearing a tan hoody, blue jeans and a black do-rag with glasses on his face. They say he ran behind the school towards the football field, but so far no arrest has been made.

It all happened minutes before students walked through the doors, putting Brantley School on semi-lockdown all day. They brought in extra security, placed students in secure locations and school officials ran a check through the campus.

Crenshaw County Public School Systems Superintendent, Randy Wilkes, says the school has been practicing more lock-downs since the Sandy Hook shooting massacre -- and that's exactly what this incident took him back to...

"Step-by-step we have a process and we began to implement that, so we really don't have time to focus on other situations. You just do what you're supposed to do and secure the children as best you can," Said Wilkes.

Brantley Police are asking for your help


-- if you have a tip, call Brantley police at 334-527-3245.