Butler Co. Investigates Second Homicide This Year, One Man Dead


By Catalina Trivino




The Butler County Sheriff's office is investigating the murder of a Greenville man.

It's an on-going homicide investigation that happened late Saturday night, leaving one man dead. Family members and investigators are searching for answers as to why this happened.

Barbara Wood is the suspect who was arrested last night for questioning in the murder of a 40-year-old Greenville man.

CBS 8 had exclusive video of Wood after she left Butler County's courthouse for questioning. She told us, "Somebody broke into my house. Somebody ran in my house trying to kill me."

Sheriff Kenny Harden says she has admitted to shooting the victim -- but why it happened is still a mystery.

"Deputies arrived a few minutes later. The victim was lying in the yard. The suspect was inside the house. She was placed into custody there. Later transported here to the sheriff's office and from here to the county facility," Said Harden.

It happened at a residence on Pettibone Road, just south of Greenville. The 40-year-old man, whose name has not been released, was pronounced dead from gunshot wounds. Investigators say they are still trying to verify why the victim came to the house, but they do tell us they knew each other.

"And ended up in a homicide. So I mean... it's just... it's still a shock because like I said, just a couple of hours ago we were all hanging out," Said Toby Morewood, a family-friend of the victim.

Currently, Wood is being held in custody with pending charges. Limited information is available right now.

CBS 8 spoke to family and friends, who told us the victim was engaged and set to marry in February.

This is the second homicide in Butler County this year.

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