Butler Co. Murder Victim Identified, Family Members Speak Out


By Catalina Trivino

Butler County deputies continue to investigate the murder of a Greenville man who was found shot to death...

CBS 8 speaks exclusively with family members of the victim, who say they're having a tough time coping with the situation.




Late Saturday, Butler County Sheriff's officers responded to a call on Pettibone Road, where they found Greenville man, Steven Faulk, dead from gunshot wounds in the front yard of a home. That night, the Sheriff's Office arrested Barbara Wood and brought her in for questioning. She has not been charged.

Sheriff Kenny Harden says she admitted to shooting the victim, but they are still investigating why it happened.

"I feel it was unneccessary what happened. It was unneccessary. My brother didn't deserve it and it shouldn't have ever happened," Said Faulk's sister, Melissa McCullough.

They say he was a family man who always had a smile on his face -- but knowing he'll never come home has McCullough, along with other family members, distraught.

"Steven was a real good person. He would give you his shirt off his back if he had to to help anybody. And he was my best friend and my brother and we talked almost everyday," Said McCullough in tears. She says he was a man who was always her shoulder to cry on... and engaged to get married next February.

"They both just got brand new jobs. Just spent their first week at their new jobs. They were out of town trying to start a new life for themselves and their family and, you know, in one second it was all ripped away from them," Said Christie Taylor, who was going to be Faulk's sister-in-law.

Both family members say they're hoping for justice.


"I hope that they go to jail for the rest of their life and have to suffer and replay it in their mind every day," Said McCullough.

They say before the incident, Faulk had just left a family gathering.

There is still limited information investigators are releasing right now. Check in with CBS 8 with the latest updates on this case.

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