Butler Co. School Board Appoints Committee to Study Possible Consolidation


By Brittany Bivins

The Butler County school system may consolidate two elementary schools in Greenville. School board leaders say they need more information before they approve the plan, so they're appointing a committee to study it.

So far, there's no clear answer on what they'll recommend.

The Butler County school board is calling on about two dozen parents, teachers, and community leaders for their input. The proposal would consolidate two schools, W.O. Parmer and Greenville Elementary Schools. Parmer houses kindergarten through second graders and GES, the third and fourth graders. The two sit side by side and share some facilities. They have different principals, teachers and programs, so consolidating them raises a lot of questions.

"Of course you hear all the pros and cons from the community, the parents, you know, the teachers concerning will this work, will that work. Its questions we all have as board members and need answers to before we would ever consider it," said School Board President Mickey Jones.

Jones says he hopes the committee will be able to help provide those answers. Right now, many committee members say they're just starting to look at the benefits and disadvantages of consolidation.

"Students at Parmer may lose out on part of their arts, music and their creative studies because they'll start sharing them with GES. Of course, that's a benefit to GES students because right now, they have none of that," said committee member Brandon Sellers.

School board officials say they won't take any action on the consolidation until they get the committee's report. That's due at the end of August, so no changes will take place this school year.


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