Butler Co. Schools Implement New Security Measures


By Catalina Trivino

It's been almost four months since the Newtown shooting massacre... and after reviewing security procedures, the Butler County School System has already started amping up security. Here are some recent changes some of the schools have made:

Greenville High School has expanded its surveilance system, adding 10 cameras to their campus, now totaling 42 cameras.

They've also upgraded their monitoring system, where staff members can access cameras on any of the school's computers, as well as their cellphones.

"Regardless of where we are we can pull the camera system up and we can access a certain hallway if there's a conflict,or if we need to check and see if anyone is walking the halls without the hall pass," Said GHS School Resource Officer, Malcolm Owens.

W.O. Parmer Elementary School has added fencing to their campus, as well as barriers in the lobby to keep track of visitors.

Greenville Elementary School has installed a calling box outside. The system allows them to see the visitor through a small camera. They've also instructed students and staff to only enter through the front door. All other doors in the school are now on an alarm system.

"There's a system on every door. If a door is opened besides the front door, the alarm immediately goes off. The box tells us what zone it is, so we know exactly where the intruder has entered the building at," Said GES Principal, Bryant Marlow.

While McKenzie and Georgiana Schools do not have school resource officers, Butler County Superintendent, Darren Douthitt, says law enforcement has been doing walk-throughs at those schools several times a week.

Douthitt also told Alabama News Network the county recently held walk-throughs by a security firm on all of their campuses. Now, they're awaiting suggestions for security improvements.

"Some of the things that we're considering are panic buttons, of course, not just walk-throughs by law enforcement... I think if we could get adults period to step up [to the] opportunity, like the ministerial association," Said Douthitt.

As for the future, Douthitt plans to have an active shooter training this summer involving both law enforcement and school staff.

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