Butler Co. Schools To Review Security Procedures After Connecticut Shooting


By Catalina Trivino

Communities in Alabama are respond to Friday's deadly school shooting in Connecticut. The massacre is making Butler County School officials re-think school security. They say it could've happened in their own community.

We all saw the heart-breaking images unfold before us of children crying and parents worried -- a mass shooting leaving 20 children dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. It's an incident that has left many with heavy hearts... and school leaders wanting to take action.

"It's an eye opener, you know, it makes you realize, like you're saying, it could've taken place anywhere," Said Greenville Middle School Principal, Curtis Black.

"We have to take care of the kids first. If you don't do that right, it doesn't matter what else happens in your buildings," Said Butler County Schools Superintendent, Darren Douthitt.

The Butler County School System wants to ensure a similar incident doesn't happen to them.  Superintendent, Darren Douthitt says they'll be re-examining school security procedures during the coming weeks.

"Something has to be done and I'm not going to get into gun control. I'm only going to get into the idea that we need to do 100 percent of what we think needs to happen to protect our students and right now, we're not even close to what ought to be happening on school grounds," Said Douthitt.

Currently, not all Butler County schools have a resource officer due to a lack of federal funding, but all campuses have multiple surveilance cameras and special sign-in procedures.

But Douthitt says that's not enough. He's second-guessing the amount of entry-ways at each school. He also wants to add more cameras and run crisis drills more than once a semester.

"One of the things I thought about I maybe we need to have more lock-down drills. Maybe we need to step that up a little so that everybody really can understand exactly what to do without having to think, incase we have an intruder or another problem," Said Douthitt.

Next month, Douthitt says he'll be holding the county's principals' meeting, where they'll be discussing ways to improve overall security. They will also be refining the county's crisis plans.

Separately, there are six schools in Butler County. School officials say they'll have officers and administrators checking in classrooms more often to make sure students feel safe.


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