Butler Co. Tree Distribution Helps Re-Plant Trees After 2011 Tornadoes


By Catalina Trivino

People in Butler County are celebrating arbor week by making the city greener...

They did that by giving away 6,000 trees in Greenville on Tuesday. People could pick from 19 different types of trees -- everything from Dogwoods to Red Maples -- all for free.

Organizers say it's a distribution effort to help re-plant in the county after the devastating tornados that tore through neighborhoods in April 2011.

The city has been doing the tree give-a-way for about 20 years now, but they say 6,000 trees is the most they've given away in several years.

"It is a very social event. People come and they talk about what kind of trees are in their yard, what kind of shrubs are in their yard and you know, and they can learn a lot, what tree would do better in their yard, so it's fun and it's nice to be able to give out trees not only in Greenville, but all over Butler County," Said City Horticulturalist, Jennifer Stringer.

Stringer says it's a great investment. Some of these trees live up to 200 years.

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