Butler County Bridge Project to Begin this Fall


By Catalina Trivino

Butler County city officials are welcoming Governor Bentley's new state funding for local road and bridge projects.

The county was awarded a $400 thousand dollar grant for its bridge replacement project. The bridge is located on County Road 53 on Nix Road, a connecter route between Butler and Covington County.

It currently has a weight restriction of 10 tons, but the improvement will increase it to hold any legal load, letting vehicles like dumptrucks cross the bridge.

County engineer Dennis McCall says the replacement will especially affect the timber industry.

"Over it's life cycle, we estimate it'll service over 18 thousand acres of timberland, which has a value of approximately $86 million dollars... that's over a 50 year life cycle.



The bridge will serve as a detour for Timberland truckers, avoiding what would've been an extra 20-mile ride to Coastal Forest Products.

Construction for the bridge project will begin this fall.



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