Montgomery Church Gives More Than 225 Gifts To Children


By Catalina Trivino

Friday night, CBS 8 News showed you the heart breaking images of children crying the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary... and now people in the River Region are reaching out to local children to break past the sadness...


The incident has touched the hearts of many -- one thing parents tell us is they want to preserve the innocence of their children... and one church in Montgomery tried to do just that -- by bringing Christmas to the kids and giving hundreds of presents away in hopes of keeping their young spirits alive.

Restoring faith. That was the goal Sunday night for members of Christ Community Church in Montgomery, as they handed out hundreds of Christmas presents to kids at the Cleveland YMCA.

Many of the children were the same age as the 20 victims from Friday's mass shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut -- but this night of celebration felt more humbling for some, like great-grandmother Mary Cooper, who like many parents, watched the horror unfold on T.V.

"Why did it happen? I really would like to know why. And that's a question no one can answer," Said Cooper.

But as the nation grieves for those killed in the Tragedy in Newtown, there are messages of faith to give healing in hopes of conquering the fear developed from the shooting.

"I don't want ya'll to be afraid when you go back to school. I want you to trust in God. I want you to trust God with all of your heart," Said Keith Waldrop during his sermon, who is pastor of Christ Community Church in Montgomery.

Although many parents say it could have happened in any community, you would never know they were worried by the look on their faces as they celebrated the evening. It's because it is one more night they hope helps preserve their child's innocence.

"We wanted kids to know that they are valued, they're accepted and we wanted to drive out some fear from their life. I would say these kids today probably have fear about going back to school and we just want them to know this is a safe place," Said Waldrop.

"My heart goes out to those parents because I don't know what I'd do if that had been me," Said parent, Glynnis Brown.

They called the special service "Christmas In The City" -- and because the kids were the same age as many of those victims in the Newtown shooting, organizers say helping Montgomery's kids in need was especially rewarding.

Church members tell us they gave away more than 225 gifts tonight.

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