Covington Co. Cracks Down On Meth Use


By Catalina Trivino

Authorities in Covington County want to crack down on methamphetamine use in the county...

State and county leaders joined forces to let people know they can be arrested for "smurfing."

"Smurfing" is a term used when people are recruited to buy one of the main ingredients to make meth -- psuedeophedrine -- which is often found in cold and allergy medicine. An anti-smurfing law passed last summer the amount people could buy.

The law also requires all pharmacies to use a tracking system called the "N-PLEX System."

"We get it real time on our cellphones. I mean, as soon as they buy them they e-mail it at that time and we're following up immediately on that most of the time. Meth is not the only thing we've got, but meth is our main thing. So, if we've got time, we're going right then and following up on it," Said Covington County Drug Task Force Agent, Greg Jackson.

Jackson says just last month, DTF had 54 drug cases. And more than half of them were meth-related.

Under the new law, "smurfing" is now a felony, which could mean up to 10 years in prison.

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