Crenshaw Co. Authorities Identify 88-Year-Old Sardis Murder Victim


By Catalina Trivino

The search is on for the person who killed an 88-year-old man near Highland Home...


"I was very shocked when I heard the news," Said neighbor, Trent McGough. "You just don't hear about that around our little neighborhood around here."

Trent McGough lives in the Sardis community, just off County Road 17. That's where Crenshaw County deputies say they found 88-year-old Pleo Thomas Sexton dead in his living room around 2:45 p.m. Monday.

McGough lives just a few houses down and says he's shocked at what's happened.

"Very quiet community, not a lot of traffic goes up and down our road," described McGough. "Everybody knows each other or are all good friends with each other and everybody gets along."

Investigator Ashley Paul says he's never seen anything like this during his 11 years in law enforcement.

"The house was ram-sacked, it was pretty bad. There was blood pretty much everywhere in the residence... a lot of stuff was thrown around. It was a very hard scene to process," Said Paul who also says three guns appear to be taken from the home. He says they're still investigating the exact cause of death.

On Tuesday, officers began a mass search around the area looking for any evidence they can find, along with interviews with neighbors and family members.

"The family is understandably upset. They're really emotional, don't know why it happened or who could've done it, but we're looking into it, visiting with the family, keeping in contact and we're going to find out for them," Said Crenshaw County Investigator, Mike Johnson.

Deputies tell us they're trying to follow every lead possible. If you have any information, they're asking for your help.

If you have a tip, you can call the Crenshaw County Sheriff's Office at 334-335-6695.

Deputies tell us they have no suspects at this time.

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