Crenshaw Co. Man Found Guilty, DA Says He Molested Family Member


By Catalina Trivino

After deliberating for hours today, a jury finds a Crenshaw County  man guilty... this after he molested a child that is a family member...

District Attorney Charlotte Tesmer says Brian Davis is charged with Sexual Abuse of a Child Under 12, as well as Sexual Abuse first degree and second degree Sodemy.

Davis was arrested in 2011 for sodemizing a family member between 2006 and 2011.

Tesmer says Davis was a truck driver and would take the child with him. She says Davis would abuse the child while he was home from trips.

This is the second sexual abuse case Crenshaw County has tried in two days and local therapists say no matter what the consequences are, it has long-term effects on any child.

"Most of the time children often times think they're the ones to blame. Children can also act out aggressively," Said Yevonne Bradford, a traveling therapist who sees 30 to 40 children a week in south Alabama. "A lot of parents wake up one morning, their children are fine, where they went to bed okay... [and] one night and all of a sudden they're aggressive. And it's like 'what's going on?' Smaller children will act out aggressively,"

District Attorney Charlotte Tesmer says Davis faces between 10 years to life in prison. He'll be sentenced next month.

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