Crenshaw Co. Schools To Receive $120k In Security Improvements


By Catalina Trivino


A school system in south Alabama plans to add nearly $120,000 worth of security improvements. The second phase to a security plan they've been working on for the last two years.

Three schools make up the Crenshaw County School system and soon more than 100 additional cameras will be installed and every single lock will be changed.

"The message is simple -- safety is the first priority," Said Crenshaw County Schools Superintendent, Randy Wilkes.

That's why the Crenshaw County School System is adding 105 surveilance cameras onto its three campuses.

Luverne School will get 38 of those; Highland Home School will receive 35 cameras; Brantley School will get 32.

But the emphasis for cameras is for the elementary students -- currently, every high school classroom has two cameras per room. The same will be done for the elementary classrooms.

"We have the capacity to take care of children and monitor situations, so that should a situation arise, we will be able to initiate assistance as quickly as possible," Said Luverne High School Assistant Principal, Chris Pennington, who mainly looks over the Elementary School wings.

The elementary hallways will also receive cameras, but school officials say every interior and exterior entrance will have one, as well,  including common areas and vehicle entrances and exitways.

"You know, they can identify what happens if a shooter or somebody comes on campus they can see who it is and maybe catch them faster," Said Luverne School 12th grader, Dustin Lowery.


But the security measures don't stop there. Instead of carrying a ring of keys, administrators will have one master key that will fit any door on the campus. Each key has a special code, so hardware stores cannot make copies.

"Some doors currently lock, some doors do not lock. We are also changing the locks on every exterior door there are some 750, 751 locks," Said Wilkes.

All the Brantley School locks have been changed, Luverne School's locks are being replaced this week and that process will begin for Highland Home in another two weeks.

As for cameras, they'll start installing those in the coming days.

Wilkes says the money for the improvements are coming from local funds. The cameras will cost about $70,000. Another $50,000 will be spent to change the locks.

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