Dash Video of Monday's High-Speed Chase In Butler Co.


By Catalina Trivino

This video shows exactly what law enforcement officers went through, making split-second decisions as they were trying to get this driver off the road. Just take a look at it for yourself.

It's a 23-minute chase with speeds up to a hundred miles-per-hour.

What you're seeing is video attained from the Greenville police Department, where you see the grey truck weaving through traffic. At this pont, he's turning south on Interstate 65 and police are still on him, wondering if they could safely stop him.

And right before the chase ends is where you see the truck exit off the Georgiana ramp... slamming into an Alabama State Trooper patrol car.

"Been in a couple of high speed pursuits and that particular pursuit was probably the most intense chase I've ever been in..." Said Greenville PD Patrol Supervisor, Curtis Miller.

Greenville Police officer Curtis Miller is an 11-year veteran of the force. He was the officer riding behind the driver. And he says pursuits are just part of the drama that law enforcement officers face. It's moments like this that he says, of course, scare him.

"We're always prepared to deal with that when the time comes. And we always tell our families goodbye in the morning and tell them I love you and we're prepared for whatever happens... happens," Said Miller.

But Greenville PD is just thankful that no law enforcement was hurt during the Monday afternoon high-speed chase.

"I was always concerned about my guys being involed in the chase, especially when one of them ended up in the median, you know, you're certainly concerned for their safety," Said Greenville Police Chief, Lonzo Ingram.

The officers say they are trained to go on pursuit, but with every circumstance being different, they have to go with their best judgement in order to keep civilians safe.


The driver who died is identified as 39-year-old Ricky Eddins of Crossville. Authorities say they still don't know why Eddins led them on the high-speed chase.



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