Thursday, December 18, 2014

NRF: Halloween Shoppers Plan To Spend Less In 2013
By Amanda Wade

Halloween is more than a month away, but shoppers are already getting a head start on their holiday shopping. But is it a trick or a treat for local retailers?

158 million -- that's how many people will be participating in Hallloween this year, but they won't be digging as deep in their wallets when it comes to buying their Halloween goodies.

Cheryl Smith and her son, Jacob, are on the search for the perfect costume.

"We're getting a few decorations, we want to kind of look at the costumes to see what they have because some of the sizes start getting gone on some of the more popular ones," Said Smith.

And while it may seem a bit early to prepare for the spookiest day of the year, Target manager, Blake Stewart, says many shoppers have already cashed out.

"We've seen guests coming in since before we even had any of our Halloween stuff out, asking 'where it was, when we were putting it out,' kids dragging their parents through looking at Halloween costumes already and we just put those out.  So, we've seen a whole lot of traffic a lot earlier than we've seen in previous years," Said Stewart.
The National Retail Federation says nearly 9 in 10 shoppers won't be shelling out as much cash as they have in previous years this Halloween. The average? $75.  That's $5 less than shoppers, like Erin Molina, spent last year.

"Well, I'm a pretty frugal shopper, so I would say I'm definitely always watching prices, trying to buy along the year so that when it does come up to be Halloween, that I'm not stuck without anything and the money to get it," Said Molina.

But others like Anthony Morence say the money doesn't matter. He says he's spent more than $1,000 on decorations and costumes this year.

"But with this [Halloween], the people actually come up and you get to see their expressions and you get to see them enjoying it and that's what kind of gets me to go further every year," Said Morence.

Target managers say even though shoppers are spending less, spirits are still high. In fact, they're having to re-stock the aisles every as many as four times per day.

According to the survey, Halloween participation is also down nearly 12 million people, but of the 158 million that will be lining the Halloween aisles, a third of them will start shopping before the end of this month.