Flooding Remnants Cause Thousands Of Dollars In Road Damages For Covington Co.


By Catalina Trivino

"Well, we have damage all over, you know, where ditches got full and crossed the road. We mostly, last week, spent running out the graters," Said superintendent for northern portion of Covington County's Road Department, Bob Harper.

Covington County DOT officials say the next step is to see if any funds are available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They say if not, the county will have to use their own money to repair the damage.



Covington County was left with damage from flooding - - some of it caused by Hurricane Isaac...

Department of Transportation officials tell us they're estimating about $700,000 worth of damage to roads across the county. They say there are about 150 roads that were damaged, many of them dirt roads.

The erosion has created ditches and washed away most of the lime rock on the roads and crews are working to make the areas safe for travel once again.

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