Former Police Officer Arrested on Charges of Robbing Drivers


By Catalina Trivino

"A law enforcement officer is supposed to be someone you can trust," Said Butler County Sherriff, Kenny Harden. "And when this person is wearing a uniform -- wearing a badge -- the public is supposed to be able to trust him. And he's out there doing what the bad guys do. That puts a black mark on all law enforcement."

Bennett is accused of robbing at least 4 people, taking between $100 to $200 per victim. If he is convicted of all the counts against him, he faces up to 74 years in prison.



A former Fort Deposit police officer was arrested today and accused of robbing people during traffic stops.


Carlos Bennett was arrested in Greenville this afternoon after a federal indictment.

Authroitites say the crimes happened in 2009. They say Bennett would pull people over with the indication of a legitimate traffic stop, then robbing them.

Bennett and another officer were arrested in 2009 after allegedly robbing a driver at a rest area north of Greenville.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigations say they later discovered more victims...

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