Georgiana Death Investigation Confirmed As Homicide


By Catalina Trivino


Police say it's a death investigation that has turned into a homicide. And family members are distraught by what's happened. CBS 8 speaks with the victim's sister who says they're seeking justice.

Butler County Sheriff's deputies and Georgiana Police say 72-year-old Dorothy Leatherwood was found dead in her home on Wise Street in Georgiana Wednesday morning -- and what started as a suspicious death investigation has turned into a homicide.

"Who could've done something like this to her? And it's just beyond me that someone could come into her home and hurt her. It was a monster that did this," Said the victim's sister, Judy Pugh.

Sheriff Kenny Harden says items around the house were not where they were supposed to be; and the way Leatherwood's body was placed was also a clue to the homicide.

"Based on the evidence that we saw yesterday inside the residence there was some stuff that just looked out of place and until we determined the cause of death, we couldn't say, but it was very suspicious," Said Harden.

He also says they have a person-of-interest they're interviewing, but many of their questions are still unanswered. The family wants justice from whoever did this.

CBS 8 asked Pugh what she'd like to say to the person who did this -- Pugh responded: "Rot in Hell. Rot in hell. He took my sister, she was an aunt. She came from a big family. She was our matriarch of our family."

Investigators are not disclosing the cause of death, but they have been searching the area all day. They say this is the first homicide in Georgiana this year.

If you have any tips, you can call the Butler County Sheriff's Office at 334-382-6521.

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