Monday, December 22, 2014

Georgiana Family Asks Public To Help Find Missing Teen
By Catalina Trivino

From Butler County -- a Georgiana family is hoping the public can help them find their missing teenage son...

Police say 16-year old Antoine Watson has been missing for more than three weeks. CBS 8 spoke with family members and they say they're completely distraught about where Antoine could be.


It's a desperate search with many unanswered questions -- an anxious family looking for any sign of Antoine Watson.

"Everybody's just... broken up over it. Everybody's just broken up over it, broken-hearted... like [his mother] said, she wants her child back," Said Antoine's aunt, Evelyn Pettway.

Authorities say they've been looking for the 16-year old since December 21 and nobody has heard from him since. The Georgiana School sophomore was last seen at a friend's home  at Cheatham Mobile Home Park in Georgiana wearing his school uniform -- khaki pants and a white shirt.

Police say they're treating this as a missing child case, but his family says they don't know why he would run away.


"Following whatever we can do as far as rumors. If we heard the students, teachers, somebody talking at school or somebody in the neighborhoods, we were driving around, patrolling around stopping anywhere we could think he might have a friend or something of that nature," Said Sgt. J.C. Salter from the Georgiana Police Department.

So family members are posting missing person signs across Butler County. Watson is described to be about 5'5" and weighing about 280 lbs.

His mother says she hopes her son is safe -- and if he's listening, she's begging for one thing...

"I just want to say, Antoine... I don't know what's the reason, but I'm sorry! If you just come home we can fix whatever it is wrong! You just got to call me and let me know where you're at," Said mother, Cassandra Watson.

Police say they're doing their best to follow every rumor, every lead they get in the case, hoping it will get them closer to finding Antoine Watson.

If you have any information about where Antoine Watson could be, contact Georgiana Police at 334-376-2801.