Thursday, December 18, 2014

Greenville Businesses Benefit From Labor Day Traffic
By Catalina Trivino

For some, Labor Day weekend is no holiday. In fact, some local merchants say it's big holiday weekends like this one that really help them bring in the green.

This holiday weekend is often labeled as the unofficial end to summer, so you're seeing lots of drivers hitting the roads. But while some of you may be vacationing, others are reporting for work -- and many of them say the economic benefits far outweigh working a holiday weekend.

"Somebody has got to do it," Said Justin Bedgood, a grill cook at Wendy's, who is seeing the benefits of the Labor Day weekend's high traffic coming through Greenville.

"[I] came in at 4 o'clock. We were busy from 4 o'clock until the time we closed the doors and that's the driver through doors. And they say at one point in time, we did $5,000. So, for this store, that amount is real big," Said Bedgood.

He describes the lines as "long" and the kitchen's atmosphere as "hectic." Wendy's managers say they're feeding more than twice the usual number of customers.

Just across the street, Chevron gas station mangers say their sales have doubled compared to a normal weekend.

In just two days, this Chevron has made more than $60,000 in sales.

"One time we had about 10, 20 people going from the registers all the way out here at the door. We had folks lined up, stacked up at the pumps waiting for gas, our gas man came three times yesterday to put gas in our tanks," Said Chevron Employee, Christopher Fairbanks.

Robert Wilson says this is a usual site on a holiday weekend. He's lived here all his life, but it's the most packed he's seen Greenville on a Labor Day weekend in years.

"It took me 30 minutes to get a burger from McDonalds and it doesn't take that long. It's just packed. Different businesses and everything, you know, you just can't get to where you're wanting to go," Said Wilson.

Some people say working this weekend brings a few perks -- the extra hours -- And for some folks, getting paid time and a half.

AAA expects 34 million Americans are traveling 50 miles or more this weekend. About 80 percent of those are driving.