Greenville Chamber Of Commerce Gets Renovations


By Catalina Trivino

 One of  Greenville's historic buildings is getting a facelift during the coming weeks...

Soon, people driving through downtown Greenville will notice a new paint job on the Chamber of Commerce building.

Chamber members say some of the building has rotten boards on it, so they'll be removing those and replacing the trim of the roof with facia boards.

The cost of the renovations are about $8,000.

The building has existed since 1910 and it's been 18 years since it has received any renovations. Some chamber members say it's important to update the building because it's a first impression for the city.

"It's going to help show people that we're growing, it's going to show people that Greenville is interested in chamber and doing things to get our city revitalized downtown. So we're really excited when they get it finished," Said Greenville Chamber of Commerce President, David Norrell.



Chamber members tell us the renovations should be complete in two to three weeks.





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