Saturday, December 20, 2014

Greenville Investigators Search For Man Who Allegedly Strangled Girlfriend
By Amanda Wade

How that manhunt got started was due to a mistake -- it's a mistake that lead to the release of a man who police say landed his girlfriend in the hospital. Now, they're patrolling the streets hoping to put him back behind bars.

This is the man police say choked his pregnant girlfriend during an argument causing her to lose consciousness. At the time of the call for help, Terry Shelby was put behind bars on unrelated charges, but he was released early, even though police placed a hold on him.

"He was prematurely released from the county jail and that's a problem that we're dealing with the Sheriff on to help correct that from occuring in the future, but we are now looking for him to serve the felony warrant for this assault," Said Greenville Chief Investigator, Justin Lovvorn.

"We don't want him to leave town, we want to get our hands on him, that way investigations can talk to him and we can serve him with the warrant," Said Sgt. Andy Beck.

So now police are on the search. Beck says they don't believe Shelby is armed, but they do not want him to hurt anyone else.

"Anytime a man puts his hands on a woman the way that he did he could be dangerous to other people," Said Beck.

Investigators say Shelby called authorities for help when he realized his girlfriend had lost consciousness. But it was not until she reached the hospital that police learned that he was not telling the whole story.

"At first she was unconscious and not able to respond to any stimuli. And after about a couple of hours she started to come around and had made statements to one of the nurses that she remembered being choked and possibly could have been the reason she could have been unresponsive at the time they found her," Said Lovvorn.


Police describe Shelby as a 5'5" black male with dread locks, weighing about 140 lbs. and they believe he could be in the Butler County or Central Alabama area.

Investigators tell us they are meeting with authorities at the county jail to figure out why Shelby was released early. They say the victim and her unborn child are out of intensive care and making a fast recovery.