Greenville Man Run Over By Girlfriend, Police Investigate If On Purpose


By Catalina Trivino

Police say a Greenville man was run over by his girlfriend... but whether or not it was intentional is still a mystery. Now, this man is fighting for his life...

"It was very shocking to all the neighbors. I think that's been the first time something like that happened in this neighborhood," Said neighbor, Jimmie Davidson -- he's talking about the call Greenville police responded to early Saturday.

After leaving a local club around 2 a.m., Greenville Investigators say Mona Shambray and her boyfriend were arguing. Police say the victim, whose name is yet to be released, got out of the vehicle... and things took a turn for the worse.


"She stated that when she went to drive off, that he jumped out in front of her and attempted to stop her from leaving," Said Greenville Police Investigator, Justin Lovvorn. He says Shambray ran him over with a Chevy Cobalt at the Heatherton Apartments off School Highland Road in Greenville.

Police say the man flipped over the car.

He was then taken to Baptist South Hospital with severe injuries, including a skull fracture and internal bleeding.

Investigators say Shambray is charged with first degree Assault, and has possible pending charges.

But she tells police she hit her boyfriend on accident.


"Her intent is somewhat in question, but it was not what I would classify as accidental because her actions that are shown on the scene and the evidence we've collected show that it could have been avoided if she would have taken the proper actions that she should have," Said Lovvorn.

And Davidson, who is Shambray's cousin, says she would never do something like that intentionally.

"It'd be just like a kid running out from behind a car. The same thing. She didn't mean it. The way I look at it is she didn't mean to do it and I don't think she's got the heart to do anything like that to somebody anyways," Said Davidson.

Investigators tell us the victim is currently in critical condition. If you have any information about this incident, you're asked to call the Greenville Police Department at 334-382-7461.

Alabama News Network will keep you updated as new information becomes available.



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