Is Highway 106 in Georgiana a Speed Trap?


By Elise Burkart

CBS 8 News is covering Georgiana where police spend much of their time catching speeders on Highway 106 but many folks claim the area is just a speed trap. Monday, we rode along with officers to find out why they say it's so important to slow down.

Georgiana Police say dozens of speeding tickets are issued on Highway 106. In fact, they say most of the tickets they write in their town come from speeders on that road. But officers say it's no trap.

They tell us most of the speeders are caught in the 35 mile an hour zone but drivers pass two posted signs before they ever get to the officer clocking speed.

Residents that live on Highway 106 say they're thankful for the police presence.  They say they can't imagine how bad speeding would be if the police weren't pulling folks over.

"When they see that police car they'll slow down a little bit but yeah the speed limit, all the time, people break the speed limit all the time," says Julius Pugh.  

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