Covington Co. Sheriff's Office Welcomes K-9 To Force


By Catalina Trivino

The Covington County Sheriff's Office is welcoming a new four-legged officer to the force.

The Alabama Bloodhound's name is Solo -- and today, officials held a demonstration to show what the K-9 can do. Solo is trained to find missing people. Trainers say he's able to track someone's scent and pick them out from a crowd.

Trainer, Marshall Theiler, says he's a huge advantage to his human officers because that's not all he can do.

"Number one: they're not patrol dogs. We don't have liability concerns at the end of the track having a possibility of a bite, so therefore we can deploy them in cases we normally wouldn't want to deploy a patrol dog for. Those types of cases may be a missing child, an Alzheimers patient... but we still use them on violent offenders, too," Said Sleuth Hounds LLC dog trainer, Marshall Thieler.

The Sheriff's Office says they've been in need of another K-9 since their last one died over a year ago. Solo will live with his handler starting today.

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