Saturday, December 20, 2014

Leatherwood Family Prepares As Murder Trial Draws Near
By Catalina Trivino

From Butler County -- more than three months has passed since a 72-year old woman was murdered in her Georgiana home. And with the trial of the man accused of killing her coming up, her family says they are ready to fight for justice.

Dorothy Leatherwood was found dead in her home on Wise Street last November. Now, with the trial of the man accused of killing her just weeks away, her family is wanting not just justice.. but answers as to why she was murdered.

"This is a nightmare. Will we ever wake up?" Said Leatherwood's neice, Pam Lewis. She says it's a nightmare she will never forget. The day officers brought her aunt on a stretcher -- murdered.

"My spiritual angel. She reared me since I was a little baby taking me to New Jersey and embracing me with her warmth and her love," Said Leatherwood's son, Lamorris Rudolph.

Rudolph says the last 3 months has changed his life. He's lost his best friend, his confidant, his mother.


"A piece of me is gone, you know? And it's never coming back. You know the only person in my life who's been there for me... and she's gone," Said Rudolph.

It was last November when Butler County deputies and Georgiana Police found 72-year old Dorothy Leatherwood dead inside her home. Days later, her neighbor and handy-man, Shawn Mcclain, was charged with her murder.

As McClain's trial date draws near, Leatherwood's son is still asking why this horrible crime had to happen.

"The monster who could even have the heart, you know to even... to do unspeakable things to such a sweet lady... you know, just burns me up inside!" Said Rudolph.

"Life in prison, to me, is not enough. It's not enough. Nothing is ever going to replace her. Nothing is ever going to bring her back," Said Lewis. 

Authorities are still not revealing exactly how Leatherwood died. It's just one among many questions family members hope to get answered when the trial begins.

McClain has a preliminary hearing set for this Wednesday. His trial begins in March.