More Jobs Heading to Greenville


By Alabama News Network

Friday makes the third major jobs announcement for the Butler County area this year. A new company is coming in that manufactures what will eventually become stripes on roads.

Ozark materials is setting up shop in the old Westpoint building. The company is making a $3 million investment in Greenville. With that investment come 40 jobs.
While that may not sound like a lot, Mayor Dexter Mclendon says this is just the beginning. 
Governor Bentley has seen many job announcements in the recent months as well as a decreasing unemployment rate, with April numbers showing 6.9%. He says he enjoys taking time for announcements like this. 
"You know my favorite time is when we announce jobs like this. It's the most important thing right now. I want everyone who wants a job to have a job.
The whole process to bring the new business to town started about a year ago. The building was standing vacant for years when Ozark Materials and the city started considering it for the business. 
The company plans on expanding beyond making just the materials for road stripes. The facility should be ready by next February or March.

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