NRF Expects $8-Billion In Halloween Spending This Season


By Catalina Trivino

In a scary economy, Halloween is anything but a fright to retailers. They say the economic impact brought by the holiday brings in the big bucks.

"I'm going to be a pirate," Said Wade Cook.

"I'm going to be a princess," Said Gabby Johnson.

"I'm looking to be the red angry bird," Said Angel Baker.

With less than two weeks left to go, many people already know what they're going to be for Halloween -- but the spookiest part of Halloween shopping is how much money people are expected to spend for the holiday.

"We're seeing people buy all kinds of stuff for the holidays right now. They're buying all their candy, all their decorating supplies, we have a lot of moms coming in for different costumes," Said Prattville's Target Team Leader, Amanda Smith.

People like this mom, who says, it all adds up.

"When I leave the store today, I'll probably have spent about $120. Just on costumes... not accessories," Said Suzanne Johnson.

And Johnson is only one of about 170 million Americans the National Retail Federation says is expected to celebrate Halloween this year. The NRF says the average consumer will spend about $80 dollars -- that's $7-dollars more than last year.  And the total spending on the holiday? Eight billion dollars.

"Anywhere from $49 to $69 and kids all want to be dressed. They all want to be included," Said Johnson about how much she has been paying for costumes this year. But when those costumes get pricey, there's still accessories, decorations and candy to buy -- all good news for retailers as they reel in the cash.

Now as for Target shoppers, employees tell CBS-8 a majority of their guests that check out have something Halloween related in their cart -- and they're going ahead and purchasing it.


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