New walking trail completed at Greenville YMCA


By Catalina Trivino


CBS 8 News is covering the city of Greenville, where there's another option for runners and walkers to exercise...

Residents are saying goodbye to the old dirt trail and stomping their footprints on a new track.

The Greenville YMCA's Watermelon Hill Trail is now open to the public.

The walking trail measures about thirteen thousand feet and circles around the YMCA football field.

It's located where the Watermelon Jubilee Festival used to be held.

The trail is covered in a fine-crushed stone called a "three-quarter crusher run", which means it won't erode like the ground will... so your feet can stay happy.

Mayor Dexter McLendon says this is a great addition to the city, since people are always looking for a place to exercise.

"It's so important for you to have a place where people can be safe and you can have a good walking trail that you don't have to worry about it being muddy or anything like that," Said McLendon. "And this crushed rock that they're putting on this is as good a rock as you can put on a walking trail that'd be safe, and it'll be able to last for a long time."

Seventy percent of the project's funding was covered by a grant from the Strategic Alliance for Health and the city of Greenville provided a 30 percent match.

The total cost of the project was close to eleven thousand dollars.

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