Opp Mayor Discusses City Goals


By Catalina Trivino

After a heated campaign, businessman, John Bartholomew, is elected mayor of Opp... and he says he's ready to move forward with changes...

Bartholomew says he wants to bring more manufacturing jobs to town. He says he's also working on reducing power bills for Opp residents by a third. Recreation for young people is also in his plans, but his major project is a retail and entertainment district he hopes to put downtown...

"It's going to be 21 stores outside. We have an amphitheater outside, grass area... we have music on Saturday nights and Friday nights, where all the people of Opp can come sit around and listen to music. The stores will be open until 8 or 9 o'clock at night. This is one of our projects we're going to have," Said Bartholomew.

The project, known as "the Whistle Stop", has been put on hold for the last two years.

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