Rescued Horses on Road to Recovery


By Catalina Trivino

An update to a story CBS 8 brought to you last week. Crenshaw County investigators discover a group of horses, they say, look starved and sickly. Now, a court order is issued to take the horses to a rescue, in hopes of nursing them back to health.




Their road to recovery starts at Dusty Trails Horse rescue, where the horses are receiving care around the clock.

And that said, it could take up to a year for some of them to recover.

Meet Forest and Copper. The tiny colts are about six months old, but their condition is so critical... they may not make it.

"The ribs are right here. You shouldn't be able to see them the way you do," Said Dusty Trails owner, Monika Orendorf. "The next portion is really critical. It's right in here. You're literally feeling skeleton on him."

They're only two of nine malnourished horses that were rescued last week. Investigators arrested Vicki Law and her daughter, Laura Simmons, on animal cruelty charges last Thursday. Since the arrest, both women were released on bond and the horses were removed from their residence off Highway 331. The ones brought to Dusty Trails were in the worst shape.

"Hennike Scale is a scale that starts at one through nine. Five being a healthy horse, nine being obese and one being extremely emaciated close to death. The two little guys that we looked at earlier they're both a one," Said Orendorf referring to Forest and Copper. She says they're doing everything they can to nurse them back to health.

But she says there's a miracle that's come out from all of this: Another rescued horse, 10-year-old Wendy, gave birth the day after she was rescued. It looks like he'll be a healthy one, after all.

"Mainly, it's the right food a lot of feeding and not so much as amount as in time. We have a lot of feeding throughout the day. Mostly every tow, three hours," Said Orendorf.

The horses cannot be put up for adoption, but until they are, Dusty Trails is asking for donations to help with their expensive care. If you'd like to donate, you can visit and select the Paypal option.

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